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Fundamentals of Automotive Brake Repair


Brake repair should be top priority on your motor car repair list, because if you encounter a road problem, you want to make sure that your car can make a quick, sure stop. A lot of accidents that occur on the highway are the result of faulty brakes, so it pays to repair the brakes on your car and Ramona Tire offers this brake repairs.

If you consider that when you press the brake the car doesn’t stop immediately, but travels a few meters before doing so, then you will appreciate how this distance is multiplied when the brake is faulty. Generally, the front brakes of the car wear faster than the back, because when you brake it is the front of the vehicle that bears most of the weight. As a result, the front brakes are often more regularly in need of repair.

In order to appreciate the fundamentals of brake repair, it helps to know a little about how the braking system in your car works.

How the Brake System Works

When you push the brake pedal, it initiates a series of interconnected actions. The brake fluid is compressed and sends the movement to the brake pads or shoes. In the case of disc brakes, the brake pads are squeezed and make contact with the rotors, causing the car to slow down. In the case of drum brakes, the action pushes the brake shoes into contact with the drums. The brake fluid also lubricates the entire system, and protects it from corrosion.


Brake Repair

Brake repair focuses on these key elements of the braking system. If any of the components are not functioning properly, then it puts undue pressure on other parts, ultimately leading to brake failure.


    • *  Disc Brakes: The focus here is on ensuring that the worn brake pads and rotors are replaced.


    • *  Drum Brakes: Particular attention is paid to the brake drums and shoes. If shoes do not need replacing, then they are cleaned and adjusted. The side of the brake drum that the brake shoe makes contact with wears over time, and this causes the surface to become irregular. When this happens, the drum has to be skimmed and the surface smoothed, in order to ensure proper braking.


    • *  Brake Fluid: This is often referred to as the lifeblood of the braking system, as it provides vital lubrication for the joints, pipes, and hoses in the braking system. Without it, the system would most likely grind to a halt. Brake repair involves changing brake fluid that has been contaminated by dust particles, and other debris.



These are just some of the parts that are inspected when brake repair is undertaken. You can be assured that Cannon Automotive will provide you with a thorough check of the braking system, to ensure that all the movable parts are working as they should. If you experience any problems with your brakes, don’t hesitate to come in for consultation, your safety depends on it.

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